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Places For Shopping In Jammu

Shopping in Jammu is a truly pleasing experience. Traditional handicrafts, Kashmiri, Shawls and Carpets are the famous items. From Jammu shopping places you can pick up rugs, attractive shawls, Papier Mache, Walnut woodland items, Branded saris, Pherans and Saffron. From Jammu market places you can also purchase beautiful traditional Handloom, Dry fruits and shawls mixed with textiles such as cotton derivatives at reasonable costs. Attractive Saries, Vases, cricket bats and other ornamental products are also available here.
Places for shopping in Jammu Since Jammu is primarily dominated by tribes and people with different ethnic backgrounds,there are certain pieces of work that carry the stamp of the region. There are plenty of decorative items that one should buy while visiting Jammu as these items are truly unique. There are several items such as wood carvings, furniture, lovely wooden boxes, hand-knotted carpets and lovely Pashmina shwals. The famous Pashmina wools known for their smoothness are a rage among the visitors. All these items make for beautiful gift items and can be used for enhancing the beauty of the house. The famous dry fruits are worth purchasing as they are the trademark of the place. Some of the main markets for shopping in Jammu are:

    Ragunath market

    City Square Mall
    Gole market Gandhi Nagar

When Shopping in Jammu and Kashmir, don’t forget to glance through the embroidered carpet depicting scenes from the picturesque landscape of Kashmir.Made from beaten wool, these carpets are an important product of the Kasida industry in Kashmir. Floral and other geometrical motifs are also designed with great care. Both the pile carpet and the smooth carpet have a huge overseas market as well as a booming Indian market.Dotted with temples it is the leading centre for the Pahari school of painting. A busy trading centre, it also plays host to a steady stream of pilgrims heading to the shrine of Vaishno Devi.

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