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Christmas is a yearly festival that makes merry the Jesus birth. Christmas celebrations usually come together the memorial of ’birth of Jesus with different traditions, many of which have been affected by previous winter celebrations. Customs contain the show of Holly, Christmas trees and Nativity scenes, the exchange of cards and gifts and the coming of Santa Claus (Father Christmas) on Christmas morning or Christmas Eve. Famous Christmas themes contain the promotion of peace, goodwill and compassion. Christmas day is commemorated on December 25 in different areas over the world. However, in several nations it is considered as Boxing Day and celebrated on December 26.  The Christmas tree is frequently enlightened as a Christianization of pagan custom and tradition nearby the Winter Solstice that contain the usage of evergreen branches and a variation of pagan tree love.
The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates this festival on January 6, the time on the Gregorian calendar that matches to 25 December on the Julian calendar. The term ‘Christmas’ is taken from the Old English Cristes masse and the Middle English Christemasse. Sometimes, Christmas is shortened to Xmas, which has a lengthy history. The nativity is referred to the Jesus’s birth. The story of Christmas depends on the accounts offered in the Gospel of Luke and Gospel of Matthew. As per the records, Jesus was born in the Bethlehem, to the Virgin Mary, supported by Joseph (her husband). Nativity scenes traditionally contain the Three Wise Men, CaspaBalthazar and Melchior.The modern Christmas tree custom is considered to have started in the eighteenth century in Germany. This kind of tree can be decorated with ornaments and lights. As the nineteenth century, the poinsettia has been developed along with Christmas.
Other famous holiday trees contain red amaryllis, holly, Christmas cactus and mistletoe.In different businesses, communities, schools and nations have Christmas dances and parties in the weeks before this festival. Christmas shows can contain a retelling of the tale of Christ’s birth. Groupings might stay neighborhood homes for singing carols. Other holds fundraising drives or do volunteer job forhelp. On Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, a particular meal is generally offered. In several areas, especially in Eastern Europe, these family feasts are come first by a time of fasting. Treats and candy are also part of Christmas celebration in number of nations.

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